A science association is an out-of- class-hours club that offers students the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.


Objectives of Science Association

  1. To promote inquisitiveness among the students and inculcate scientific temper among them.
  2. To trigger interest among the students in Science.
  3. To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.

The benefits of Running a science association

  1. Practice at the process skills needed in science
  2. Increased opportunity to develop and practice thinking, speaking and listening skills
  3. Opportunities to experience a wider range of science topics, hence broadening their enthusiasm for science

Committee Members

  1. Samadhan Nikalje – Incharge
  2. Sachin Goble – Member
  3. Ganesh Kadu – Member
  4. All Faculty members of Science