The Department of Mathematics is inspired by the belief that numbers are fun. Its pedagogical practices include informal classroom interactions to simulate young minds and create a space for free expressions, paper presentations, quizzes and wallpapers, which enable students to explore the fascinating world of Mathematics. Mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and is valuable to the future of all human beings, and this is a belief, that guides the functioning of the department of Mathematics.

The department provides an environment conducive to nurturing analytical minds. It is the endeavor of the department to offer a rich mathematical experience wherein students learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and become lifelong learners. The intention is to promote interdisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and equip them with the resources necessary not only for mathematical learning but to enable them to compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields.

Staff Members


  1. Ranjan Khatu – Head of Department
  2. Ganesh Kadu
  3. Vijay Rajapkar

Non – Teaching

  1. Rajesh Zore

Achievements of Department

  • Two students of the Department namely Saurabh Shahane and Akshay Kher are placed in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) company as a Programmer.
  • One student from department namely Saurabh Shahane is selected for MTTS program which will be held in month of May of 2019 in Kerala.
  • Department presented one project in Avishkar Research festival.
  • Y. B. Sc. students presented one project in state level presentation competition conducted by GJC College Ratnagiri.
  • G.S. Kadu and Prof. R.S. Khatu were invited to deliver lecture on ‘How to face Board Exam and Career in Mathematics’ at Rajapur junior college and Satavali Junior College.
  • R.S. Khatu presented on research paper in national conference at Willington College, Sangli.
  • Khatu was invited as a resource person to deliver lecture at four day workshop on Research Methodology organized by sub center of Mumbai University, Ratnagiri.
  • Khatu published 2 research papers in UGC listed journals.
  • Kadu successfully completed 1 month Orientation Program held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
  • Kadu attended one day workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights and Art of Writing Research Proposals” at Devrukh.

Future Plans

As per the discussion in faculty meeting of Mathematics Dept with the Principal, we planned for next FIVE years as follows.1) To conduct at least One Innovative programme in each semester to motivate and develop interest of the students in Mathematics.2) To pursue Ph.D. degree by faculty

3) To take efforts for increasing strength of students in first year class.

4)  To develop separate Computer Lab. for Mathematics department only.

5) To develop separate class room for third year students.

6) To start Add-On courses.

7) To start JAM guidance Centre.

F.Y.Bsc Revised

S.Y.Bsc Mathematics

T.Y.Bsc Mathematics