Arts, Commerce & Science College, Lanja have a strong legacy of imparting quality education and are committed to create the right environment for students to – Explore, Experience and Excel. The College continually strives to meet its twin goals of ‘Equity and Excellence’ in local and global needs of higher education.

The college is one of the few colleges in Mumbai University to offer B.A. programs in Marathi Medium which benefits students who complete their secondary education in Marathi.

The progression of active learners to advanced learners in UG programs is further enabled by project based learning.

The College has implemented the ‘Choice Based Credit & Grading System’. The College offers a wide range of options at the undergraduate level. The combinations are offered according to requisite number of students in a subject. The Arts faculty comprises 5 departments as under :

Arts Depertment

(3 Units)

(6 Units)

(6 Units)

Political Science
(3 Units)

(6 Units)

Details Of Courses

First Year BA (FYBA)

  • Foundation Course
  • Compulsory English (Communication Skills),
  • Compulsory Marathi
  • A Group – English, Marathi, History
  • B Group – Economics, Political Science, Hindi

Second Year BA (SYBA)

  • Foundation Course.
  • Two courses in each of the core subjects offered at FY.
  • Applied Component any one of the following – Introduction to Advertising, Travel and Tourism

Third Year BA (TYBA)

  • The subjects (Entire) offered are as follows:
    • English (6 Units)
    • Marathi (6 Units)
    • Hindi (6 Units)
    • Political Science (3 Units)
    • Economics (3 Units)