College Gymkhana provides facilities for major games like Cricket, Football at the college playground. College gives importance to maximum participation of the students at intercollegiate level in various games. Facilities are also provided within the college premises for playing volleyball and basketball. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom and chess are also made available to the students. College maintains an up-to-date first aid box which includes life-saving drugs.


Our College participates in following games held by University of Mumbai

  1. Half Marathon(M/W)
  2. Kabaddi(M/W)
  3. Cross Country(M/W)
  4. Volley Ball(M)
  5. Kho-kho(M/W)
  6. Athletics(M/W)
  7. Cricket(M)
  8. Chess(M/W)
  9. Taekwondo(W)
  10. Soft ball(M)
  11. Carom(M/W)
  12. Ascending & Descending(M/W)

We also participate in various activities conducted by Taluka level and National Level Associations. Following are the games participated in

  1. Kho-Kho (M)
  2. Kabaddi (M/W)
  3. Athletics(M/W)
  4. Taekwondo(W)
  5. Cricket(M)
  6. Rope Mallakhamb(W)

Committee Members

  1. S. V. Upshete – In-charge
  2. S. M. Khawale –Member
  3. Mr. B. T. Shinde – Member
  4. Mrs. A. O. Keluskar – Member
  5. Mr. R. B. Patil – Member