About Department

The Unit of Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE), University of Mumbai was established in June, 2008. The department aims at sensitizing the students to the socio-cultural realities. The DLLE unit of a College works as per the guidelines provided by DLLE, University of Mumbai. The unit undertakes Career oriented and Community oriented activities.
Extension Work Projects: The Department is offering Six types of Extension Work Activities out of which a student can take up any one for entitlement of the benefit of Ten Grace Marks under the Ordinance 229-A. A range of Extension Work activities are offered for enhancing the employability and IT skills of the student. The projects are given below: A. Vocational Career Oriented Projects 1. Annapoorna Yojna project (APY) 2. Career project (CP) 3. Industry Orientation Project (IOP) B. Community Oriented Project 4. National Institute Open School (NIOS ) 5. Population Education Club(PEC) 6. Survey of Women’s Status(SWS)
The Extension Work student should complete 120 hours of work except for Industry Orientation Project where the minimum requirement is 240 hours. A participation Charge of Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only) out of this an amount of Rs. 100/- is to be retained by the college for the college level expenditure and the balance of Rs. 100/- of each student is to be sent to the University Department. This participation Charge ensures funding for the Extension Programme at the college level.



Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension works to create social awareness among students while learning.


To reach the unreached.


1. To develop the sense of responsibility among students towards society.

2. To prepare students for a greater social commitment.

3. To enhance student employability skills.

4. To prepare the students for their career planning.

5. To develop entrepreneurial skill among the students.

6. To enhance student employability skills.

7. To sensitize the students upon various social issues including women related problems.

Highlights of Extension Activities / Project

1. Self assessment for future planning,

2. Development of better organising skills

3. Writing abilities

4. Presentation skills

5. Time management

6. 10 grace marks

7. Certificate from Mumbai University

8. Personality development

9. Social awareness & Activity wise much more

DLLE - Committee

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Lanja

1 . Principal Dr. Arvind S. Kulkarni – Chairman

2 . Prof. Ravichandra N. Kamble – Committee Convenor and District Field Co-ordinator, University of Mumbai

3 . Prof. Sunil D. Salve – Member

4 . Prof. Rajiv B. Kamble – Member

5 . Prof. Babasaheb T. Shinde – Member

6 . Prof. Ms. Sharmin S. Ghare – Member